Back office management: how much does it cost if you opt for a personal service software?

All companies, large or small, must go through the back office and the front office. It is an essential element that must be managed properly by people who know about it. But the evolution of technology has given birth to software capable of managing the Back Office. These are what we call: the software of service to the person or the accounting software. How much does it cost to manage the back office if you choose this type of software? What are the advantages? Good news! We have conducted our investigation and would like to share it with you in this article!

What exactly is the back office? What does this term mean for the development of a website or a company?

The back office refers to all the internal actions of the company, the actions in the background that the customers do not see. The term 'back office' refers to administrative, legal and financial operations. Even if it acts in the background, the back office is still essential and keeps the business running smoothly.

Divers métiers interviennent dans le back-office d’une entreprise ou d’un site web. Faire appel à tous les professionnels de ce domaine prend une grande part de votre chiffre d’affaires. Pour éviter ces prix excessifs et gérer les tâches efficacement, recourir à un logiciel de service à la personne est une excellente solution.

Why have software to manage your website or company? Is the price more advantageous than using back-office professionals?

Back-office, also known as the administration interface, includes all actions managed internally. For a website, the back office designates all operations that are not accessible to customers. It is the opposite of the front office, which includes tasks directly related to customers. There are jobs dedicated to the management of the back office of a website and others dedicated to the actions of a company.

Having human service software to manage these operations is very advantageous, especially on the budget side. Whether you buy a ready-to-use software from a supplier or order a custom-made application, you will save a percentage. Moreover, entrusting tasks to an application avoids administrative errors and data loss.

Faire faire votre logiciel de gestion par un développeur ou un éditeur de logiciel est l’option la plus adaptée. Le coût du travail est moins élevé que d’engager un personnel pendant des mois voire même des années. Les développeurs d’application, les éditeurs de logiciels ainsi que les fournisseurs sont les mieux qualifiés pour donner une solution aux problèmes de votre société.

What services does the software support? Should we opt for a ready-to-use software or have a custom application made?

Personal service software is a powerful, efficient and very practical tool. There are types adapted to websites and others adapted to companies.

For the business application, the supported services are :

  • data management and production monitoring ;
  • human resources management ;
  • accounting and billing management;
  • real-time reporting ;
  • customer reminders ;
  • monitoring and organising employees ;
  • legal ;

For the back-office management application of a website and e-commerce sites, the services supported are :

  • the organisation of updates ;
  • user data ;
  • social network management ;
  • the organisation of customer service ;
  • conversion rate monitoring ;
  • SEO optimisation (to please the search engines)

Entrusting these tasks to management software ensures the security of your data, especially as it is easy to use. Find a software publisher or developer to order customised back office management software. Suppliers offer a variety of options, so analyse your objectives, your situation and your average costs to choose the right solution.
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