Time management for housekeepers

You have a house to maintain, but you don't have the time or energy to clean it all? Are you looking for a solution to keep your house spotless at all times without having to tire yourself out? Call on a competent cleaning lady. But before you do, you need to estimate the time spent cleaning in order to manage her tasks and her salary. Indeed, a cleaning lady does not only clean, depending on the needs of the household, she also takes care of the kitchen or the children, and that takes time. In short, here are some valuable tips on how to manage a housekeeper's time and hours per week.

How to calculate the cleaning time? First of all, calculate the surface to be cleaned

The time management of a cleaning lady depends first of all on the surface to be cleaned. Cleaning a large house does not take the same amount of time as cleaning a three-room flat. So the first thing to evaluate in this management is the number of rooms and the total area to be cleaned.

Generally, an interior surface of 20 m² can be cleaned in 1.5 hours. You can therefore use this first figure as a basis for your calculation. For a surface of 30 m², it takes about 2.5 hours. For a home between 60 and 80 m², it takes about 4 hours. For homes larger than 100 m², it takes at least 5 hours, and so on.

How to organise the work of a housekeeper? Consider the composition and details of your household

As mentioned, a cleaner can also take care of the components of the household. If she takes care of children and furry animals as well, this can affect the time she spends cleaning. It is therefore important to consider these points when managing your cleaner's time .

On average, washing a child under the age of 14 takes 30 minutes. Similarly for furry animals such as cats and dogs, the housekeeper can spend up to 20 minutes washing an animal. It should also be noted that the more members of the family there are, the more laundry the housekeeper will have to wash, iron and put away.

List and organise household tasks in a quick housekeeper schedule

In her job, the cleaning lady has an endless list of tasks to do. It is difficult to list everything, but you can group them into categories. To better manage cleaning time, you should list the tasks to be done during cleaning hours.

Cleaning hours: make your own calendar to organise your cleaning time

Making a list or schedule allows you to keep track of the hours the cleaner works. To do this, you only need to list the tasks and specify the time they must be done. For each task completed, the worker will tick the corresponding box so that nothing is forgotten.

Household organisation: set up a rotation of household tasks

A cleaning lady is not a robot, she cannot do everything in one day (e.g. laundry). The rotation of tasks makes it possible to manage the mandatory tasks to be done every day and the in-depth cleaning tasks.

In managing your cleaner, you should be firm but always courteous and polite. Be precise in your instructions to avoid misunderstandings. Especially when it comes to delicate tasks such as cleaning the fridge, coffee machine, dishwasher, bathroom or tidying the kitchen.

MOBISAP: a remote management solution for home help

Remote management is a device that is becoming increasingly popular with companies. It is moreover more and more popular with the structures of the sectors ofhome help and personal services such as childcare, cleaning, personal care... 

A remote management system: what exactly is it?

Today's society is increasingly made up of older people. It is therefore essential for companies to act in such a way as to offer the senior citizen an efficient home help service. In the personal assistance sector, there is an effective solution available to companies: remote management.

A remote management system is a tool that allows data to be transmitted in a dematerialised manner between the various parties involved in the personal assistance business: the company, its employees, the beneficiaries and the latter's families. This transmission is done via a desktop computer, from a mobile application on a smartphone, or from a fixed telephone.

Remote management software: what are the advantages for the management of home help services?

The mission of social workers and home helpers is to accompany beneficiaries in their daily lives. This work is carried out by the workers independently, often making it difficult for the employing organisations and their administrative staff to manage and manage staff and human resources. Using a remote management tool simplifies and optimises the management of your activity and services. The tool intervenes in the relationship between the structure and its employees in order to simplify personnel management. Indeed, this software will be able to manage in an automated way the information of each employee: the information relating to the work contracts, their working time, their absences (thanks in particular to a dematerialized attendance sheet) and a better coordination of the replacements. The implementation of a remote management system will also make it possible to optimise the scheduling of interventions by taking into account the travel time and inter-shift time between the various beneficiaries. Thanks to the speed of information transmission, the schedule of a worker can be updated in real time in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation by a beneficiary. 

No detail is forgotten or neglected in remote management. A remote management tool also aims to optimize relations and support for your clients. It provides beneficiaries and their families with an online interface allowing them to access all the information concerning their request for services in real time (planning of interventions, invoicing, certificates, etc.) and the history of administrative procedures. Remote management plays a key role in customer satisfaction. 

The solutions offered by PROGISAP

Progisap offers different solutions depending on your field of intervention. Whether you are a structure specialising in home help or a personal assistance agency, we have the management solution that suits you.

We know that each human services business has its own particularities. Thus, depending on your sector of activity, we offer you a digital solution adapted to your business specificities and to the regulations in force for a better quality of service. With Progisap, simplify the management and steering of your business in an optimal way in order to develop your company. 

If you work in childcare, in the maintenance of green spaces or in home help, whatever your sector of activity, you can benefit from the expertise and support of PROGISAP. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at +(33) 184 20 16 50 or send us an email at contact@progisap.fr. You will benefit from a 100% SAP tool, efficient and effective. Don't forget: it is the best way to manage and optimize your activity.

Some examples of the benefits of home help planning software

If your company's activity concerns certain areas such as the management of tasks and services for housekeeping, assistance to the elderly, DIY work, etc., then you need management software to facilitate the planning and organization of tasks and interventions by your teams. Then you need a management software to facilitate the planning and organization of the tasks and interventions of your teams. Indeed, this type of software has many advantages.

Some examples of home help and personal assistance services

The structures ofhome help and personal assistance services include different professions. Indeed, there are, for example, life assistants who have skills in hygiene, health, dietetics or psychology. These professionals or employees work at home and take care of elderly and disabled people. That is to say those who are in a situation of loss of autonomy.

There are also household helpers whose main task is to carry out the daily maintenance of a home. They may also be involved in meal preparation or shopping. A final example is home childcare. For companies working in this sector of activity, the use of a tool such as Excel offers limited optimisation in the organisation and planning of teams intervening at home, which can result in dissatisfaction on the part of the various parties, whether they be the carers or the recipients.   

So why invest in effective management or planning software?

Having an optimised task and work schedule and organisation is very important in the service industry. Therefore, an efficient job scheduling software or management application is the ideal solution. This type of software is intuitive and easy to use. Remote management also allows for the resolution of scheduling conflicts, to have a good organisation of periodic tasks in the agenda of the teams intervening for home visits. The software also helps you to keep track of the history and follow-up of the interventions, for reports and statistics of the teams.

With scheduling software, you can more easily manage the working hours of each of your employees. You can also view your team's schedule and find people who have the ability and willingness in their time slots to carry out additional assignments and tasks for travel in a specific geographical area. The application also allows you to filter the schedule data to display only certain types of tasks such as cleaning, gardening, etc.maintenance of green spacesironing, etc. Thanks to this tool, you will be much more reactive to the requests for assistance from beneficiaries while taking into account the constraints of your employees for better personnel management.

Find the most suitable solution at Progisap for self-employed team management

Are you in the home help and personal services sector? Whether it is in home care, childcare, domestic help, support for the disabled, the elderly or any other type of job in the personal services sector, PROGISAP offers you the implementation of planning management solutions and efficient organisation methods.

With PROGISAP, you can take advantage of a tool for planning your activities, working time and tasks of your employees. Indeed, on the basis of the contract as well as the needs and expectations of the beneficiaries, the software gives the possibility to set up the planning of interventions in an automatic way. Of course, this organisational and scheduling method can be integrated into comprehensive management software for the home help profession and other quality applications according to your needs.

So if you have any questions or need advice or more information, please call us at +(33) 184 20 16 50 or send us your request by e-mail at contact@progisap.fr. We will be happy to find the right planning software for you!

Customer and employee management software, human services

Today, there are many service tools available to facilitate the commercial management of a company. This applies to both large and small companies, regardless of their size. To achieve this, they no longer hesitate to use tools that are increasingly sophisticated, but not difficult to use.

At the present time, the software for personal services is the weapon of choice for companies to ensure that the services offered to beneficiaries are of high quality. Moreover, this kind of tool offers practical and reliable modules. By reading this article, you can easily see how to choose the right software for your business.

What is multiservice management software?

The multiservice management software is a software developed mainly to offer a simple solution to all the problems related to the management of a company. This is especially true for human services companies which, like all companies, must perform various tasks and invoice their services. In fact, this software allows to automate all the activities that the company has under its responsibility. It can thus be more efficient while saving a lot of time.

How does home help software work?

Typically, companies that provide personal services use this software to easily manage the tasks they need to perform. It is a centralised solution that ensures the globalisation of activities essential to the smooth running of this type of service.

Basically, it is a tool that allows you to have a coherent schedule, facilitates invoicing, optimizes human resources services. Moreover, it is a very practical software because it greatly simplifies the management of customers or tax returns, etc.

What are the main features of business software?

By automating activities that normally take a lot of time, this software saves valuable time. Most often, its main function is information management. It automates the processing of data about the company, its stakeholders and its customers.

This tool has modules that take care of the design of employee payslips and all related information. It can also handle the creation of contracts, contract elements or the management of mutual insurance companies. In addition, this type of software also includes a function that takes care of drawing up the tax certificate.

Legally, organisations offering personal services are obliged to declare a tax certificate to each of their clients. With this tool, the person in charge within the organisation can check the certificates drawn up by the module concerned anywhere and at any time.

Finally, most human services software has an accounting feature. This is particularly useful because it means that companies do not need to be trained in accounting. Their profit and loss accounts are managed simply and efficiently by certain modules integrated into the tool.

How to choose the best personal service software?

To choose the right human services software for your business, you need to consider a few things. In fact, you should check if the software is easy to use and has the main features that will allow you to manage your business efficiently. At the same time, don't forget to look at the quality of the interface, and take a look at the pricing.

Why use billing software for personal services?

When we talk about personal services, we are talking about service activities intended for private individuals and they are generally carried out in the person's home. These service activities benefit from an interesting fiscal and social regime. Indeed, they benefit from a tax credit of 50% on all expenses.

The different personal services

Personal services, as mentioned, are activities carried out in the home that aim to meet the needs of individuals. This includes home maintenance as well as odd jobs and gardening. The SAP also includes childcare at home. These are just a few examples, but personal services also encompass many other service sectors.

The advantages of professional invoice creation and management software for personal services

Billing software for personal services has many advantages:

Saves time

For a very successful business, doing invoices manually can be very time consuming. Personal assistance billing software is an excellent way to save valuable time. You won't have to waste time on writing, checking calculations or structuring documents.

Helps reduce error rates

Human services billing software also helps reduce error rates. Indeed, you may forget if your client has already paid. Moreover, during the creation of the invoice, you can forget to enter the VAT.

Can be accessed at any time

You should also be aware that the billing software allows you to enjoy a high level of availability. If your computer breaks down, you could lose all your documents. With this application, there is no risk of losing any data. Moreover, you will be able to access it at any time and anywhere. What's more, you can access it from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital media.

Optimises productivity

It's much more comfortable to work fast and enjoy. Indeed, the automation of service activities through the invoicing software allows you to be more productive. For example, it is no longer necessary to repeat the same patterns for certain invoices, such as periodic invoicing of your regular customers. Furthermore, the management software also allows you to create online quotes, purchase orders, send accounting documents instantly, etc.

How to find the best invoice or payroll software for a personal service business

There are a few criteria to consider when choosing a personal service software.

  • You need to take into account the accounting organisation of your company.
  • The ergonomics of the application.
  • The possibility to customise the software.
  • Theimplementation of the servers.

What are the advantages of using a personal service online management software?

Business management is always quite complicated, especially if you have to entrust it to several people. For decades, this mission has required several people and many professional tools. To avoid excessive costs and the hardware needed for all this, publishers have created online management software, called business software. No time to lose, we present you the advantages of using a management software for human services.

Why use software to manage personal services such as landscaping, childcare, home care, etc.?

The software for human services offers various services such as the management of your employees, tax credits, tax certificates, invoices, statistics and customer service. The software aims to facilitate the daily life of companies, regardless of their size. These management solutions make it possible to carry out transactions and manage all financial documents in real time.

Wherever they go, business owners can manage the accounting and invoicing themselves, without the need for a third party. This limits the risk of errors and the loss of time and money. This is how web software helps you develop your business. It is a simple, effective and very accessible solution. Finally, the use of a software for personal assistance allows you to be in conformity with the latest financial legislations.

How does software help your business? What are the benefits of business software?

Web-based business software keeps all your company's data in the cloud, so you can access it at any time. More concretely, here are the benefits or services offered by personal assistance software:

  • Creation of reports and statistics ;
  • Real-time monitoring of services;
  • Management of invoices, payments and customer reminders;
  • Processing of VAT and electronic returns ;
  • Management of tax certificates and tax credit ;
  • Constant monitoring of regulatory developments (latest financial legislation);
  • Backup of all data in the cloud;
  • Organisation of commercial management

In short, all your important company data will be at your disposal, no matter when or where you are.

How to choose the best management and payroll software? Criteria, opinion or comparison?

The presence of many options makes the choice more complex, however, analysis of the following criteria will help.

Opt for simplicity and ease of use

Management software should be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The use of this kind of application must be adapted to all people, of all levels. Software that is too complex will waste your time and slow down the completion of your tasks.

Analyse your company's needs and objectives

Each company has its own objectives, situation and needs. Taking these three elements into account, you can choose the right software. Make sure that the tool is adapted to the size of your team, to your needs and to your specifications.

Whether you're a home schooling company, gardening company or childcare company, no matter what your service sector is, a comprehensive software package will help you. Using this simple solution saves time, energy and money, compare the offers on the market to find a complete software at a good price.

Back office management: how much does it cost if you opt for a personal service software?

All companies, large or small, must go through the back office and the front office. It is an essential element that must be managed properly by people who know about it. But the evolution of technology has given birth to software capable of managing the Back Office. These are what we call: the software of service to the person or the accounting software. How much does it cost to manage the back office if you choose this type of software? What are the advantages? Good news! We have conducted our investigation and would like to share it with you in this article!

What exactly is the back office? What does this term mean for the development of a website or a company?

The back office refers to all the internal actions of the company, the actions in the background that the customers do not see. The term 'back office' refers to administrative, legal and financial operations. Even if it acts in the background, the back office is still essential and keeps the business running smoothly.

Various professions are involved in the back office of a company or a website. Calling on all the professionals in this field takes a large part of your turnover. To avoid these excessive prices and manage the tasks efficiently, using a human services software is an excellent solution.

Why have software to manage your website or company? Is the price more advantageous than using back-office professionals?

Back-office, also known as the administration interface, includes all actions managed internally. For a website, the back office designates all operations that are not accessible to customers. It is the opposite of the front office, which includes tasks directly related to customers. There are jobs dedicated to the management of the back office of a website and others dedicated to the actions of a company.

Having human service software to manage these operations is very advantageous, especially on the budget side. Whether you buy a ready-to-use software from a supplier or order a custom-made application, you will save a percentage. Moreover, entrusting tasks to an application avoids administrative errors and data loss.

Having your business software done by a software developer or publisher is the most suitable option. The cost of the work is lower than hiring staff for months or even years. Application developers, software publishers and suppliers are best qualified to provide a solution to your company's problems.

What services does the software support? Should we opt for a ready-to-use software or have a custom application made?

Personal service software is a powerful, efficient and very practical tool. There are types adapted to websites and others adapted to companies.

For the business application, the supported services are :

  • data management and production monitoring ;
  • human resources management ;
  • accounting and billing management;
  • real-time reporting ;
  • customer reminders ;
  • monitoring and organising employees ;
  • legal ;

For the back-office management application of a website and e-commerce sites, the services supported are :

  • the organisation of updates ;
  • user data ;
  • social network management ;
  • customer service organization;
  • conversion rate monitoring ;
  • SEO optimization (to please the search engines)

Entrusting these tasks to management software ensures the security of your data, especially as it is easy to use. Find a software publisher or developer to order customised back office management software. Suppliers offer a variety of options, so analyse your objectives, your situation and your average costs to choose the right solution.

Billing software for personal services companies

Whether it is for a small, medium or large company, the use of a management software for human services has become essential. Indeed, it is a tool that allows to considerably improve the performance of a company, and especially to face a competition more and more difficult.

In addition, businesses love these programs because they are easy to use and efficient. In fact, this software brings a lot of benefits for both companies and customers. In this article, you will see the essential information about these truly innovative tools.

Why use business management software for a personal services company?

Generally speaking, managing a personal services company is not an easy task. That said, with software that can be adapted to all human services jobs, management will be less cumbersome. This may concern housekeeping, childcare, small gardening jobs, home lessons, etc. This tool makes it possible, for example, to produce invoice estimates, create a deposit invoice and pay online for a service performed.

It also saves precious time for tedious tasks that usually require a lot of time. This is the case, for example, for the creation of tax certificates that all personal services companies must send to their clients. In addition, an invoicing software allows you to easily and quickly establish the schedule of activities, workers and everything that needs to be done for the smooth running of the company.

What is a CRM?

For all commercial companies, having a close, transparent and unilateral relationship with its customers is the insurance of a perenniality and an optimal profitability. For a personal services company, it is really essential. To achieve this, the use of a personal service software is already a good solution, but by associating it with a CRM, it is even better.

In simple terms, CRM is a strategy for managing the relationship between a company and its customers. It is a system that facilitates a company's commercial interactions with its customers in order to increase its profitability. Overall, this tool is used to manage contacts, sales and especially productivity, etc.

Find the best personal service software through reviews posted on the web?

There is so much software available for personal services businesses these days. As a result, it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your business. However, one technique is to rely on reviews posted by previous users on the web. You can quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of the software you are interested in. Moreover, you can use these reviews to choose the best software that will help you manage your personal services business.

How much does home help delivery software cost?

Today, it is almost impossible to define exactly how much a personal assistance service software costs. Logically, it depends on the brand, the features it has, but also on the quality of the application. A complete, user-friendly and feature-rich software will obviously cost more than another business management software.

Software for payroll management, all advantages!

Many companies use management software, especially payroll software, to manage the payroll of their employees. Among these companies, there is the one of human services. So, what are the advantages?

Adopting software to manage your business, including the payroll of your employees, offers many advantages.

  • Payroll software saves you time as a human resources and payroll manager. Indeed, this tool considerably simplifies tasks by making them automatic. This applies, for example, to payroll calculations or social monitoring.
  • Payroll software ensures better control of the payroll process and avoids as many errors as possible. Furthermore, you can avoid outsourcing your payroll with this software and have full control over your payroll data, declarations and workflows.
  • The payroll software also helps you to set up a compliant payroll. There is the URSSAF, which verifies the calculation and payment of social security contributions. There is also the tax administration which verifies the payment of income tax.

Choosing the right payroll software for home help companies

Does your company need payroll software? Here are some criteria you should consider to make the right choice.

The best personal assistance software is easy to use

One criterion to take into account when choosing this type of software is its ease of use. The tool should be easy to set up so that you have no trouble adapting it to your company's characteristics. The application should also allow you tomanage your payroll without the need for specific training.

The functionalities of the payroll management software

The functionalities of the solution should also be taken into consideration. In addition to drawing up pay slips, the software must also make it possible to manage holidays, absences, declarations of social contributions, etc.

The type of software

You also need to think about how it will be used. Is it a single-user application, a multiuser application, an online application, etc.? It should be noted that using online software allows you to work from any computer.

The services, reliability and support provided by the publisher

Make sure that the publisher is completely reliable about the quality of its products. Also check that the solution is systematically updated. The support service should not be neglected. This is important to support you in case of problems.

Progisap software for home care

This software contains the various payroll elements such as overtime, additional hours, advance payments, absences, bonuses, sick leave, work accidents and of course, working hours and many others. With this tool, you can automate the secure transmission of payroll elements between the management software and the payroll software

What is management software?

You've probably heard of human services software, it's very trendy at the moment. It is an essential tool to ensure the good organization ofan agency or a company. Indeed, the head of the company has many things to manage and sometimes, he must call upon an assistant or an accountant to support him. However, personal service software has changed this fact and has revolutionized the world of entrepreneurship. Let's talk about it!

A management software allows one person to manage invoices, payroll, statistics and even tax certificates. Usually, this tool has a module that allows you to manage the payroll while considering the Collective Agreement.

The management software has a function that calculates travel time, handles business relations and social declarations. In the hands of a company manager, this tool enables him to monitor the work of his employees.

Who can use free personal service software? Does the use of this tool require a level of expertise?

The management software has been designed to be suitable for all companies, whether small or large. Similarly, the company's legal status does not prevent it from using this type of software. The company will have nothing but advantages and it will not cost much.

Thus, designers make them accessible and intuitive. Any company director can master a management software within a few days of use. Even the most junior members of the company can use the tool without difficulty. All of this is to say that the use of software for personal services does not require any training or level of expertise in accounting or management.

Its interface is always clear and easy to understand. To make it even easier for employees and managers to use, the management software allows for customisation of its interface. Thus, each user can customise the software according to his needs and preferences.

How can you manage your company's accounting with powerful software like Progisap? What does this personal service software offer?

On the Internet, you will find almost a hundred human service activity software programs. But in the wake of this, a powerful software called Progisap stands out. It is a tool dedicated to the management of a personal services business.

It allows you to manage invoices, accounts, employees, tax credits and clients. With such a powerful software, business owners no longer need to pay an accountant or an assistant since it can manage everything. And this, from any media (computers, smartphones, tablets), from anywhere and at any time. Progisap gives all agency and employee information to the manager in real time.

To make the right choice of software, make sure that it is comprehensive and powerful enough. This way, all the time and money you invest in it will not be wasted. Depending on your company's needs, choose a tool that takes care of pay slips, tax certificates and mandatory information. And don't forget to follow the regulatory changes to manage your company properly.

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