Time management for housekeepers

You have a house to maintain, but you don't have the time or energy to clean it all? Are you looking for a solution to keep your house spotless at all times without having to tire yourself out? Call on a competent cleaning lady. But before you do, you need to estimate the time spent cleaning in order to manage her tasks and her salary. Indeed, a cleaning lady does not only clean, depending on the needs of the household, she also takes care of the kitchen or the children, and that takes time. In short, here are some valuable tips on how to manage a housekeeper's time and hours per week.

How to calculate the cleaning time? First of all, calculate the surface to be cleaned

The time management of a cleaning lady depends first of all on the surface to be cleaned. Cleaning a large house does not take the same amount of time as cleaning a three-room flat. So the first thing to evaluate in this management is the number of rooms and the total area to be cleaned.

Generally, an interior surface of 20 m² can be cleaned in 1.5 hours. You can therefore use this first figure as a basis for your calculation. For a surface of 30 m², it takes about 2.5 hours. For a home between 60 and 80 m², it takes about 4 hours. For homes larger than 100 m², it takes at least 5 hours, and so on.

How to organise the work of a housekeeper? Consider the composition and details of your household

As mentioned, a cleaner can also take care of the components of the household. If she takes care of children and furry animals as well, this can affect the time she spends cleaning. It is therefore important to consider these points when managing your cleaner's time .

On average, washing a child under the age of 14 takes 30 minutes. Similarly for furry animals such as cats and dogs, the housekeeper can spend up to 20 minutes washing an animal. It should also be noted that the more members of the family there are, the more laundry the housekeeper will have to wash, iron and put away.

List and organise household tasks in a quick housekeeper schedule

In her job, the cleaning lady has an endless list of tasks to do. It is difficult to list everything, but you can group them into categories. To better manage cleaning time, you should list the tasks to be done during cleaning hours.

Cleaning hours: make your own calendar to organise your cleaning time

Making a list or schedule allows you to keep track of the hours the cleaner works. To do this, you only need to list the tasks and specify the time they must be done. For each task completed, the worker will tick the corresponding box so that nothing is forgotten.

Household organisation: set up a rotation of household tasks

A cleaning lady is not a robot, she cannot do everything in one day (e.g. laundry). The rotation of tasks makes it possible to manage the mandatory tasks to be done every day and the in-depth cleaning tasks.

In managing your cleaner, you should be firm but always courteous and polite. Be precise in your instructions to avoid misunderstandings. Especially when it comes to delicate tasks such as cleaning the fridge, coffee machine, dishwasher, bathroom or tidying the kitchen.

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