Why use billing software for personal services?

When we talk about personal services, we are talking about service activities intended for private individuals and they are generally carried out in the person's home. These service activities benefit from an interesting fiscal and social regime. Indeed, they benefit from a tax credit of 50% on all expenses.

The different personal services

Personal services, as mentioned, are activities carried out in the home that aim to meet the needs of individuals. This includes home maintenance as well as odd jobs and gardening. The SAP also includes childcare at home. These are just a few examples, but personal services also encompass many other service sectors.

The advantages of professional invoice creation and management software for personal services

Billing software for personal services has many advantages:

Saves time

For a very successful business, doing invoices manually can be very time consuming. Personal assistance billing software is an excellent way to save valuable time. You won't have to waste time on writing, checking calculations or structuring documents.

Helps reduce error rates

Human services billing software also helps to reduce error rates. Indeed, you may forget if your client has already paid. Also, during the creation of the invoice, you may forget to enter the VAT.

Can be accessed at any time

You should also be aware that the billing software allows you to enjoy a high level of availability. If your computer breaks down, you could lose all your documents. With this application, there is no risk of losing any data. Moreover, you will be able to access it at any time and anywhere. What's more, you can access it from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital media.

Optimises productivity

C’est beaucoup plus confortable de travailler vite tout en profitant . En effet, l’automatisation des activités de service grâce au logiciel de facturation vous permet d’être plus productif. Par exemple, il n’est plus nécessaire de répéter les mêmes schémas pour certaines factures comme la facturation périodique de vos clients réguliers. Par ailleurs, le logiciel de gestion vous permet aussi de créer des devis en ligne, des bons de commandes, envoyer des documents comptables d’une manière instantanée, etc.

How to find the best invoice or payroll software for a personal service business

Quelques critères sont à prendre en compte pour bien choisir un logiciel de service à la personne.

  • You need to take into account the accounting organisation of your company.
  • The ergonomics of the application.
  • The possibility to customise the software.
  • Theimplementation of the servers.

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