MOBISAP: a remote management solution for home help

La télégestion est un dispositif qui connaît de plus en plus de succès auprès des entreprises. Elle est d’ailleurs de plus en plus plébiscitée par les structures des secteurs d’aide à domicile et des services à la personne comme la garde d’enfant, le ménage, les soins à la personnes… 

A remote management system: what exactly is it?

Today's society is increasingly made up of older people. It is therefore essential for companies to act in such a way as to offer the senior citizen an efficient home help service. In the personal assistance sector, there is an effective solution available to companies: remote management.

A remote management system is a tool that allows data to be transmitted in a dematerialised manner between the various parties involved in the personal assistance business: the company, its employees, the beneficiaries and the latter's families. This transmission is done via a desktop computer, from a mobile application on a smartphone, or from a fixed telephone.

Remote management software: what are the advantages for the management of home help services?

The mission of social workers and home helpers is to accompany beneficiaries in their daily lives. This work is carried out by the workers independently, often making it difficult for the employing organisations and their administrative staff to manage and manage staff and human resources. Using a remote management tool simplifies and optimises the management of your activity and services. The tool intervenes in the relationship between the structure and its employees in order to simplify personnel management. Indeed, this software will be able to manage in an automated way the information of each employee: the information relating to the work contracts, their working time, their absences (thanks in particular to a dematerialized attendance sheet) and a better coordination of the replacements. The implementation of a remote management system will also make it possible to optimise the scheduling of interventions by taking into account the travel time and inter-shift time between the various beneficiaries. Thanks to the speed of information transmission, the schedule of a worker can be updated in real time in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation by a beneficiary. 

No detail is forgotten or overlooked in remote management. A remote management tool also aims to optimise relations and support for your clients. It provides beneficiaries and their families with an online interface allowing them to access all the information concerning their request for services in real time (planning of interventions, invoicing, certificates, etc.) and the history of administrative procedures. Remote management plays a key role in customer satisfaction. 

The solutions offered by PROGISAP

Progisap offers different solutions depending on your field of intervention. Whether you are a structure specialising in home help or a personal assistance agency, we have the management solution that suits you.

We know that each human services business has its own particularities. Thus, depending on your sector of activity, we offer you a digital solution adapted to your business specificities and to the regulations in force for a better quality of service. With Progisap, simplify the management and steering of your business in an optimal way in order to develop your company. 

If you work in childcare, in the maintenance of green spaces or in home help, whatever your sector of activity, you can benefit from the expertise and support of PROGISAP. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at +(33) 184 20 16 50 or send us an e-mail at You will benefit from a 100% SAP tool, efficient and effective. Don't forget: it's the best way to manage and optimise your business.
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